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Mac OS X

Apple has released OS X 10.9 Mavericks - for free - so it's that time again: John Siracusa's excellent OS X review.

According to Apple, Mavericks has a dual focus. Its first and most important goal is to extend battery life and improve responsiveness. Secondarily, Mavericks aims to add functionality that will appeal to "power users" (Apple's words), a group that may be feeling neglected after enduring two releases of OS X playing iOS dress-up.

Is that enough for Mavericks to live up to its major-release version number and to kick off the next phase of OS X's life? Let's find out.

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RE: Coopertino, we have a problem
by leos on Wed 23rd Oct 2013 06:25 UTC in reply to "Coopertino, we have a problem"
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Works great here. Fast, smooth. No problems with bluetooth or otherwise.

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darknexus Member since:

Works great here. Fast, smooth. No problems with bluetooth or otherwise.

Gotta be a driver issue of some kind with this specific model of system then. Doesn't really help here, and it's not like I can revert to generic, non-OEM drivers on OS X. ;)

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leos Member since:

Hopefully a point release fixes that for you... Although I wonder what the issue could possibly be. Sounds more like some sort of failing disk maybe triggered at a coincidental time.

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