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Google back in 2005:

There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search results pages.

Google today:

The company confirmed to the Guardian that it is testing a system with about 30 advertisers in the US in which it shows banner ads for companies including SouthWest Airlines on pages which include them in web search results.

And people wonder why I have zero trust in companies.

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Problem solved
by dusanyu on Thu 24th Oct 2013 20:04 UTC
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I don't use it on smaller sites but for removing things from places like search or annoying talking adds it is awesome.

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RE: Problem solved
by WorknMan on Thu 24th Oct 2013 21:24 in reply to "Problem solved "
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For fuck's sake... would you guys PLEASE shut up about adblock? Sharing information is great and all, but there are some things we need to keep as 'hush hush' as possible, and this is one of them ;)

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RE[2]: Problem solved
by woegjiub on Thu 24th Oct 2013 23:05 in reply to "RE: Problem solved "
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Is this sarcasm? ABP is one of the most popular addons for firefox and chromium. It's definitely nowhere near secret; as much as companies would like to, they can't stop users from filtering what their browsers download.

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RE: Problem solved
by Hayoo! on Fri 25th Oct 2013 03:12 in reply to "Problem solved "
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This is one of the reasons why we're seeing increasing amount of adverts in websites, in terms of number and size. If you don't want to give back, don't use the service or website in question. That's it. Taking something (information, use or functionality of a service, etc.) without giving what's asked of you for exchange is analogous to theft. Being thrifty and selfish only make things worse for a lot of people, even innocent bystanders.

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RE: Problem solved
by Janvl on Fri 25th Oct 2013 10:36 in reply to "Problem solved "
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Adblock is OK
Adblockplus is not, it is misused.

The info is in internet in german.

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