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Google back in 2005:

There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search results pages.

Google today:

The company confirmed to the Guardian that it is testing a system with about 30 advertisers in the US in which it shows banner ads for companies including SouthWest Airlines on pages which include them in web search results.

And people wonder why I have zero trust in companies.

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RE: Use DuckDuckGo Instead
by joekiser on Thu 24th Oct 2013 22:35 UTC in reply to "Use DuckDuckGo Instead"
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"Anonymous adblock user, [X]
We respect your use of adblock. Some of us use it too. Will you please make an exception for our one ad?" -DuckDuckGo website

Not making a dig at DDG, I've used it for years, but even they are pushing ads in search results.

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RE[2]: Use DuckDuckGo Instead
by woegjiub on Thu 24th Oct 2013 23:00 in reply to "RE: Use DuckDuckGo Instead"
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Gotta pay to keep the servers running somehow, and their audience is the privacy-minded, who largely run ABP.
Their ads are even less intrusive than the old yellow google ones, so they'll not shoot themselves in the foot by sabotaging the entire reason they exist; to stop tracking.

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RE[3]: Use DuckDuckGo Instead
by shmerl on Sun 27th Oct 2013 00:55 in reply to "RE[2]: Use DuckDuckGo Instead"
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I switch ABP off on DDG, since they should get paid. And their ads aren't based on tracking, they use keywords only.

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