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This fascinating documentary was filmed from December 1985 to March 1986 at NeXT's team retreat in Pebble Beach. It offers a rare glimpse of Steve's vision, aspirations and managerial approach.

Remarkable documentary - several planning meetings and discussions during NeXT's early days, with Steve Jobs and his team, many of which also worked on the Macintosh. You have to see this.

Via Typographica.

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RE[7]: Sorry
by Alfman on Tue 29th Oct 2013 16:42 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Sorry"
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Thom Holwerda,

"We have tried this a million times over the years. It never works. People are more comfortable standing on the sidelines than actively participating. That's not a bad thing - we're all just people - but it is a fact of life."

The only kind of user participation I'm aware of since joining was having users submit their own news, which is not the same thing. I am curious to see what else you tried, when have you guys tried to do more with osnews? The format I'd envision would require some site changes since the article/comments format is inherently more suited towards discussion than participation. I feel a problem with articles today is that they're used once and then thrown away, who really wants to put work into that? Wikipedia is a different format that encourages user participation, not that we'd necessarily need a wiki, but it's one of the best examples I can think of.

I mean, you might very well be right about human nature, but then it takes something extraordinary to inspire us. Do something wacky, experimental, and fun. A sister project site with more persistence would encourage long term participation. More than just a news source, it could actually be a collaborative platform for building & studying technology in a fun way. There are some tough questions (such as how can this be funded?), but does no one else even share the vision?

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RE[8]: Sorry
by Alfman on Thu 31st Oct 2013 17:33 in reply to "RE[7]: Sorry"
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I was hoping for another response, since it's hard to read silence. Are you remotely interested or do you just want me to shut up already. ;) Would you consider an article soliciting input for constructive ways to make osnews better, including ways to increase participation? You need to be bold and take steps to make it happen!

I will let it go if you really aren't interested.

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