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Apple, Microsoft, and others, a little over a month ago in a letter to the EU, warning that the EU's new proposed unified patent law could lead to more patent trolling:

To mitigate the potential for abuses of such power, courts should be guided by principles set forth in the rules of procedure to assess proportionality prior to granting injunctions. And PAEs should not be allowed to use injunctions for the sole purpose of extracting excessive royalties from operating companies that fear business disruption.


A new front opened today in the patent wars between large technology companies, as a consortium that owns thousands of patents from the Nortel bankruptcy auction filed suit against Google and other manufacturers alleging infringement. Rockstar, which is owned jointly by Apple, Blackberry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony, filed suit in US District Court in Texas. In addition to Google, the consortium has alleged infringement by Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Pantech, Samsung, and ZTE.

They're not just scumbags - they are lying scumbags.

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RE[2]: You forgot Google
by kurkosdr on Sun 3rd Nov 2013 12:03 UTC in reply to "RE: You forgot Google"
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Whose FRAND licenses are they "abusing" ? Those of the same Microsoft that makes Google pay for each Android sold because abusing of a FRAND licenses, yet without hearing you being offended ?

Microsoft and Apple are smart enough to NOT make their standards open, but make them defacto standards using their OS dupoly (for example, try formating a USB stick in anything else than FAT32 or exFAT in Windows without downloading third-party tools).

Defacto standard = no obligation to FRAND the patents = potential to gouge anyone who implements said standard to interface with your OS.

Want more? Microsoft exchange, WMV, iTunes/UnFairPlay, Quicktime.... the list goes on.

PS: Anyone knows those "anti patent troll" acts are intended to screw small investors who can't bring their inventions to the public. Are you big enough to make products? Patent troll at will. Essentialy the big companies want to have the whole patent trolling business their own, not eliminate it. (what did you expect, really?)

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RE[3]: You forgot Google
by Nelson on Sun 3rd Nov 2013 13:12 in reply to "RE[2]: You forgot Google"
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Samsung, Moto, et all willingly made FRAND pledges. They did not have to.

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RE[3]: You forgot Google
by zima on Fri 8th Nov 2013 22:55 in reply to "RE[2]: You forgot Google"
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(for example, try formating a USB stick in anything else than FAT32 or exFAT in Windows without downloading third-party tools).

Formatting in NTFS works easily, just an option in the menu.

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