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Linux Linux kernel 3.12 has been released. This release includes support for offline deduplication in Btrfs, automatic GPU switching in laptops with dual GPUs, a performance boost for AMD Radeon graphics, better RAID-5 multicore performance, improved handling of out-of-memory situations, improvements to the timerless multitasking mode, separate modesetting and rendering device nodes in the graphics DRM layer, improved locking performance for virtualized guests, XFS directory recursion scalability improvements, new drivers and many small improvements. Here's the full list of changes.
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by gan17 on Fri 8th Nov 2013 22:17 UTC
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Does any modern distro even default to butterface or recommend it as a stable solution?

I remember the time everyone in Linux-land was talking about butterface being the next big thing, and that was YEARS ago.

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RE: btrfs
by ddc_ on Sat 9th Nov 2013 23:46 in reply to "btrfs"
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Fedora provides it in installer, though not as default AFAIR. But they enjoy thinking of themselves as of bleeding edge, so their example may not be indicative. Arch still doesn't provide boot time fsck for btrfs (there is a package in AUR, but that is unofficial anyway). Given that is rolling release and pretty much targetted at "powerusers", this should be indicative.

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RE: btrfs
by jessesmith on Sun 10th Nov 2013 00:54 in reply to "btrfs"
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The openSUSE distribution has supported Btrfs for a while now. I do not think it'll be the default under the release after this coming one, but they have done a lot of work with Btrfs and integrating snapshots in with the YaST admin tools. They seem to be the only Linux distribution taking Btrfs really seriously at the moment. Fedora and Ubuntu both have Btrfs as an option at install time, but it isn't really well implemented in either distribution.

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