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This is a quick demonstration of the QNX 1.4 megabyte floppy disk demo.

QNX is an advanced, compact, real-time operating system. This demo disk, released in 1999, fits the operating system, the "Photon MicroGUI", and the HTML 3 capable Voyager Web browser all on a single 1.4 meg disk!

So far no emulator or virtualizer I have tried will run this QNX demo 100%, so this is running on real hardware. The video is captured with a VGA capture device.

QNX is one of the most intriguing operating systems of all time. This demo disk is one of those things that, even today, blows my mind. Be sure to watch through the whole video, especially the part where extensions are downloaded and run from the web, all on a single 1.44 MB floppy.

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I bought QNX in the 80's
by benali72 on Mon 11th Nov 2013 20:13 UTC
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I bought QNX back in the 1980s. At that time it was one of the very few UNIX-like systems you could buy for a PC. Its main competition at that time was Coherent by Mark Williams Company. Linux and BSD systems may have existed back then but had no publicity and most in IT had never heard of them on PCs.

QNX came on a 3.5" floppy and ran off that. If I recall correctly, it had a second floppy with some utilities on it.

I ran it on a 286 (PC-AT). It was command line only (no GUI) and ran pretty well, even off the floppy.

I bought QNX specifically as a way to learn UNIX better from a home PC. It was a good product and did its job. I was able to learn UNIX much better without having to find access to a shared system like a VAX or PDP.

Fun times.

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