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I bought a Droid 4 twenty-one months ago.

As a devout user of physical QWERTY keyboards, I'm pretty sure I'm screwed.

Great article by Sean Hollister on the demise of the QWERTY slider. In the article, Hollister speaks with Doug Kaufman, manager of handset strategy for Sprint, and his revelations are intriguing - it's not so much that people do not want hardware keyboards; it's that people want iconic, flagship phones - like the S4, like the 5S - with huge marketing pushes. Since nobody is pushing a flagship QWERTY slider... Nobody buys them. However, when you ask consumers what they want, physical keyboards are very, very popular.

And so, Kaufman admits: if there was an HTC One or Galaxy S4, a top-of-the-line phone, but with a keyboard - it would sell.

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I'd never sell anything that would cause people to swing from my nuts, but again that's just personal preference!

But I don't think Apple would ever do that, because they draw a line between phone, tablet and laptop. We've seen a number of hybrid devices and they all tend to suck.

So it's probably very difficult to make a device that bring the advantages of other devices classes while not sucking at the same time.

Besides an iPhone with keyboard would be more expensive than the one without. My feeling is most people would go for the iPhone without the keyboard. Too much hassle for Apple and too little to gain.

Apple (and most of the industry) is about touch and voice these days, I really doubt they'd do physical keyboards.

People didn't jump at the Surface either despite the clips of happy people and their attachable keyboards. Even I thought it looked like a nice piece of kit.

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