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Amiga & AROS

A-EON Technology, the company behind the AmigaONE X1000, has not exactly been sitting still. They're hard at work developing the successor to the Nemo motherboard (which powers the X1000): it's called Cyrus, and is built around Freescale QorIQ processors, ranging from 32bit 1.5 Ghz (the P3) to 64bit 2.4 Ghz (the P5). Users have been invited to join the beta test programme for this new board, which will eventually power the successor to the X1000. On top of that, A-EON will invest $1.2 million in their partnership with Varisys, the company that builds the Amiga hardware.

Hyperion, the company that develops AmigaOS, hasn't been twiddling their thumbs either. The biggest hurdle the AmigaOS 4 developers are facing right now is SMP, but work on this issue is progressing.

One of the major hurdles right now, as AmigaOS Development Team Lead Steven Solie implied, is getting the AmigaOS Exec-kernel to support multiple CPU cores. As part of the process, a new so called "scheduler" is being implemented. The new scheduler is apparently already running in the current, internal builds of AmigaOS although Steven suggested there will be room for improvement and optimizations prior to an official release. AmigaOS 4.2 will also introduce the Gallium3D WinSys API for hardware accelerated 3D graphics.

As always with these niche products built by and for enthusiasts, it's hard to tell where it will lead to. However, fact remains that the X1000 was apparently a big enough of a success for A-EON to invest into the next generation, and for Hyperion to continue work on getting AmigaOS to support SMP - something that only benefits A-EON's machines.

While everyone else is whining about iOS and Android, the Amiga people are still doing their thing. You have to respect that.

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RE: SMP on an Amiga...
by MOS6510 on Mon 18th Nov 2013 07:20 UTC in reply to "SMP on an Amiga..."
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I guess you are right, but what use is yet another non-supported by the rest of the world operating system?

AmigaOS for me only has value if it can run all the classic Amiga software. If it can't why not install Linux, Windows or buy a Mac?

If they can make a more modern AmigaOS that can run classic software that would be great and it wouldn't need SMP anyway.

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RE[2]: SMP on an Amiga...
by tidux on Mon 18th Nov 2013 14:40 in reply to "RE: SMP on an Amiga..."
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Shit, with UAE and an AROSm68k kickstarter ROM, Linux will run AmigaOS3 software better than official AmigaOS 4 does.

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RE[3]: SMP on an Amiga...
by Raffaele on Mon 18th Nov 2013 15:15 in reply to "RE[2]: SMP on an Amiga..."
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Oh yes!

Try to add 68xxx software and AOS3.9 all the common modern features like True Color graphics, 24 bit audio, and a skin like the standard from Amikit, and be happy discovering how much Windowish slooow becomes the UAE emulated interface even on high clocked Intel processors...

Thanks to God at least we have already PPC Operating Systems and Software like OWB.

Leave the Motorola 68K software for retrocomputing fun. It has limited benefit use, shrinking day by day its value for practical anyday job.

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RE[2]: SMP on an Amiga...
by moondevil on Tue 19th Nov 2013 07:18 in reply to "RE: SMP on an Amiga..."
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Fully agree.

The magic of Amiga, was the architecture it offered in terms of UX and hardware capabilities in comparison with what the competition had to offer.

Today's hardware architecture takes the specialized chipset roles in the Amiga many steps further, with OS that exploit them fully.

Yes I still recall the days I spent with friends watching demoscene stuff, reading 68000 Assembly books about Paula, Denise and friends, playing around with Protacker.

But in a day and age, where both my laptop and mobile phones have 4 cores with a GPU, capable of OpenCL/CUDA/Direct Compute and a programmable sound card, there is only room for nostalgia.

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RE[3]: SMP on an Amiga...
by viton on Tue 19th Nov 2013 21:50 in reply to "RE[2]: SMP on an Amiga..."
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The problem with today's software is a low utilization of hardware capabilities. Almost anything is based on archaic libraries/languages, developed in times when multicore was not mainstream.

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