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Samsung Electronics Co said on Tuesday its Galaxy Gear has become the world's most popular smartwatch with sales reaching 800,000 since its debut two months ago, defying some market concerns the accessory would fail due to a lack of compelling features.

The South Korean firm said Gear sales have been better than its own expectations and it would expand sales promotions for the wearable device for the crucial year-end holiday sales.

Impressive for a poorly reviewed device. I guess this is what marketing and bundling can do - then again, without bundling, flagship smartphone sales would crumble like three week old bread too.

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Considering the shelves bursting with iPhones and iPads, Galaxy phones and tablets, and so on, at electronics retailers here in The Netherlands, these "shipped" figures are always problematic.

Not always. Just because you see freshly stocked shelves is not an indicator of non-sales. They might just be re-stocking shelves quickly after product is sold. One need only look at the frequency of product sold within a short time frame for an understanding (if only a general one) of product popularity.

As far as iPhones and iPads are concerned, its been my experience that they sell as fast as they can stock them. One might say the best indicator of a products popularity is if they have to actually turn you away because the products displayed on shelves are all reserved. That happened to me on more than one occasion when buying apple product.

Considering the reviews of samsung's "stupid watch" (as some have called it) I would wager that their sold numbers are closer to the shipped category. On that note, Apple's sold numbers are likely accurate (assuming you don't believe the conspiracy theory that apple ships limited product to retailers to tout "sold-out".

Curious why the shipped/sold argument was not referenced in the summary of this posting while you tend to bring it up when dealing with "sold" numbers for Apple specific products.

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