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Today was the big day for Jolla - they officially launched their first phone today, and a few hundred lucky preorder customers were invited to come pick up their new device at an event organised by Jolla and Finnish carrier DNA. Starting today, the rest of the preorder will also be shipped to customers (mine will be here soon too!). Now that the device is on the market, there's the user guide, which provides insight into how the software and hardware works.

The first unboxing video has also made its way to YouTube. Of course, the moment my limited edition Jolla gets here, I'll give you my first impressions.

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Even if it never takes off...
by The123king on Wed 27th Nov 2013 23:54 UTC
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Jolla are at least doing something right. nice hardware coupled with a true open-source-friendly OS with Android compatibility. What's not to love? Shame Nokia killed themselves by sucking up to MS, and not supporting a platform they spent so much money developing...

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ebasconp Member since:

I wanted to buy a cell phone for Xmas, but I prefer to wait some months until Jolla phones will be available for non-european masses ;)

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backdoc Member since:

Me too. If the phone turns out to be reasonably decent, I'd probably buy one.

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cdude Member since:

Waiting too. Nice device even when I would prefer a larger 6-7' screen.

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Lennie Member since:

Nokia felt they were loosing money to fast and needed someone to put money into their business.

Microsoft did that, they obviously had demands.

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dsmogor Member since:

And ended up selling the whole cell phone business for half of annual pre-Elop revenue.
That's one hell of a success story.

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Carewolf Member since:

Nokia was not losing money, they were losing market-share. Before the fateful memo they were not only making money, but their profit was still growing. The concern was that the growth of the profit was slowing down. They turned slow growth into a huge loss by making the change they way they did.

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twitterfire Member since:

What's not to love?

Nexus 5 has better hardware at a better price point and it runs android apps better than the Jolla phone.

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