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Microsoft has enlisted the reality-television series "Pawn Stars" in its ongoing campaign to bash rival Google.

An online video ad released Tuesday mimics the plot set up of "Pawn Stars," which features people toting precious or odd objects for appraisal at a Las Vegas pawn shop. In Microsoft's fictional telling, a woman is trying to trade in a Chromebook, a no-frills laptop powered by Google software.

"The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste, they have absolutely no taste."

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RE[3]: This reeks of desperation
by tkeith on Fri 29th Nov 2013 16:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: This reeks of desperation"
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I don't understand this argument really. If you don't have wifi, what is it you are doing on your computer? If I am not at home or at work, I'm not doing anything on my computer. Do you guys go out in the wilderness and need to do some spreadsheets or what?

I think for 90% of people, the only time they use their computer is when they would have internet. Still I think the models with 200MB free internet make a lot of sense, and in some cases don't cost much more.

Please stop this lame strawman argument.

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Nothing lame or "strawman" about it, no matter how much you, with your narrow point of view, want it to be. Fact is, a Chromebook is a computer designed to be used strictly online. If you try to use one offline, it's no longer useful. On the contrary, if I take my netbook to a place with no internet, I can still do around 80% of what that computer's OS allows. I can do some coding, I can play games, I can write prose, I can edit graphics, and so on. With a Chromebook, no internet means nearly none of that is possible. On my netbook, no internet means a very minor inconvenience.

Think outside the box, there's more to the computing world than looking at cat pictures and trolling discussion groups.

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Fact is, a Chromebook is a computer designed to be used strictly online. If you try to use one offline, it's no longer useful.

That's actually not true. Chrome apps can use local storage:
- Angry Birds for example can be installed locally.
- QuickOffice works offline on locally stored documents.
- Google Keep also allows to read and edit notes.

Of course it's still mainly targeted for online use. But depending on what you want to do while being offline the gap between a Chromebook and a classic laptop is quite narrow. At least that's my experience during the last couple of weeks when I had both with me on train rides and flights.

(As an experiment I have written this on a C7 Chromebook with turned off wifi. Editing and preview just works. Now let's get back online...)

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