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Not only did the PlayStation 4 outsell the Xbox One in its first weekend by about 100000 units in the UK, it completely obliterated the Wii U.

The numbers are even bleaker for Nintendo - its year of Wii U sales have now been trounced in a weekend by both next-gen machines. More people bought a PS4 and a copy of Knack over the weekend than bought a Wii U at any point over the past year and new release Super Mario 3D World.

If not even a Mario game can save a Nintendo console, you know something's up. People, Nintendo is in deep, deep trouble.

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RE: Comment by MOS6510
by Soulbender on Mon 2nd Dec 2013 13:11 UTC in reply to "Comment by MOS6510"
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If not for hyperbole and exaggerations how else would you get any readers?

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RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510
by MOS6510 on Mon 2nd Dec 2013 13:13 in reply to "RE: Comment by MOS6510"
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Titties, has worked for many years.

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RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510
by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 2nd Dec 2013 13:45 in reply to "RE: Comment by MOS6510"
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If you take obliteration literally, then yes, your smug attitude would be correct.

However, I expect our readers to be smarter than that, and realise full well it's a perfectly accurate figure of speech when the PS4 sells more consoles in two days than the Wii U has sold in a year. If that's not obliteration, I don't know what is.

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RE[3]: Comment by MOS6510
by MOS6510 on Mon 2nd Dec 2013 17:44 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510"
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But what does "obliteration" add to the story? It doesn't say anything about the actual numbers, something the actual numbers actually do. They are meaningful, hyperboles are not.

To obliterate would suggest Wii-U consoles were destroyed or the Wii-U and PS4 were in the same room participating in a sales competition.

For the reader it's interesting to know the numbers and much more important how these numbers came to be. Why did people buy so many PS4s as soon as the could? Why aren't so many people buying a Wii-U?

That's what we want to know, not what hyperbole would be appropriate.

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