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Absolutely fantastic article by Tracey Lien.

If the selection at the average retailer is anything to go by, girls don't play video games. If cultural stereotypes are anything to go by, video games are for males. They're the makers, the buyers and the players.

There is often truth to stereotypes. But whatever truth there may be, the stereotype does not show the long and complicated path taken to formulate it, spread it and have it come back to shape societal views.

The attitude towards women in video games is even worse when you take online multiplayer into consideration. One of my team mates in League of Legends is a woman, and I've seen some absolutely terrible things being thrown her way in chat - during and even after the game is over. I've also pretended to be female in League of Legends just to see what would happen, and it was just as bad. However, I could just shrug it off - hearing the things guys say while you're pretending to be a woman as an experiment is a hell of a lot different than hearing these things when you're actually a woman.

I even caught myself thinking 'my female team mate should just pretend to be a guy' - but you know what? That's expletive ridiculous. As Lien details in her article, changing the way video games are being marketed would be a very good first step that could most certainly snowball into the future.

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Can't take the heat
by Ultimatebadass on Tue 3rd Dec 2013 21:12 UTC
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get out of the kitchen. Or don't play multiplayer. I don't. Would you rather hear how every teenager in CoD fucked your mother? Don't make this a "gender" problem, because it's not. It's a people problem, and claiming that women are magically more affected by it is... well... sexist.

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RE: Can't take the heat
by Novan_Leon on Tue 3rd Dec 2013 22:26 in reply to "Can't take the heat"
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You're correct, this isn't a gender issue, this is a people issue. Scummy people will use anything they know about you against you in the most personal and offensive manner possible. This is a different matter from the mainstream marketing games to males, but as far as multiplayer is concerned, just don't participate in the conversation (i.e. mute everyone) and you'll be fine.

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RE: Can't take the heat
by ronaldst on Tue 3rd Dec 2013 23:45 in reply to "Can't take the heat"
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In less than 10 years, we'll see an updated video on this subject. About every 5 years, someone rants about how little girls are oppressed into a specific model. Big tears are shed and everybody forget it within a week.

Only here we're treated to a bonus videos like this where people teach their 4yo corporation conspiracies (a form of child abuse). While everybody ignores the elephant in the room. Teaching young people self-esteem (stop thinking what people may think about one's self) early on.

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RE: Can't take the heat
by Wootery on Wed 4th Dec 2013 14:33 in reply to "Can't take the heat"
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No. You've missed the point entirely.

The point here is not about generally abusive gamers - it's about abusive male gamers singling out gamers who let it be known they are female.

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RE[2]: Can't take the heat
by Ultimatebadass on Wed 4th Dec 2013 14:44 in reply to "RE: Can't take the heat"
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And? That is just focusing on a part of the problem and ignoring the rest. Online trolls are online trolls.

"Earth to be destroyed in 2 weeks. Women affected worst."

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RE: Can't take the heat
by bassbeast on Wed 4th Dec 2013 16:48 in reply to "Can't take the heat"
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THANK YOU, this is something I have been saying for years, that if you don't watch it you end up with games that are "politically correct" and if you made something that was truly 100% inoffensive to everyone? it would be a "watching paint dry" simulator.

Here is a perfect example, watch how quickly this simple exchange will polarize this conversation. recently there was an article on why there were no female avatars in a lot of shooters, with many women saying it wasn't fair, etc so i asked them a simple many games there are achievements for "over the top" kills, you see this in all kinds of games but the most blatant would be Bulletstorm. Now lets say they made "Bulletstorm II" with female characters included as both players and baddies...would you have a problem with an achievement like "boob job" for blowing a woman's breasts off?

Boy you should have heard the screams, with most female players even calling for such a game to be outright banned and THAT is the problem I have with "sensitivity" in games. You either get a double standard, where things that are perfectly acceptable to do to a male character are verbotten to do to the female (IIRC Bulletstorm had several achievements for blowing off the man bits) or you have to remove everything that would be considered offensive if done to a girl...which is of course treating females as shrinking violets that have to have things sanitized to protect their fragile female brains!

Look you can't walk into a biker bar and tell them they can't curse and have to have their pinkies extended when they sip their beer and likewise you should have to "girl proof" a game so that no females ever get offended. If you want to make a G and PG rated section? Fine and dandy, as long as people CHOOSE to play there I see no problem with that but if I'm playing an intense shooter with a bunch of other adults i don't want some politically correct mod telling us what we can and can't say, if someone playing with us doesn't like it they are free to play somewhere else.

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RE[2]: Can't take the heat
by Ultimatebadass on Wed 4th Dec 2013 18:14 in reply to "RE: Can't take the heat"
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Yeah gotta love the double standards there. The most frightening thing is that they are unable to see their own hypocrisy. That Bulletstorm example was spot on. Kill 10000 faceless men in shooters? Achievement unlocked! Harm one woman NPC in any way? Outrage on the streets and professional victims come out of the woodwork (latest example being the famous almost-but-not-really "rape" of Lara Croft in latest Tomb Raider and the associated shitstorm).

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RE[2]: Can't take the heat
by twitterfire on Thu 5th Dec 2013 07:28 in reply to "RE: Can't take the heat"
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So the morrons want political correctness and double standards both in real life and in games.

The moment most games will become political correct, I will quit playing all games besides Solitaire and Minesweeper.

I am a gamedev and I work on other kind of games right now, but supposing I'd work on a shooter or RPG, what should I do? Let's suppose there are black, jew, female and homesexual NPCs in the game. Should I allow them to be killed and risk the game to be banned or should I only allow the killing of straight white males?

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RE: Can't take the heat
by iarann on Thu 5th Dec 2013 06:18 in reply to "Can't take the heat"
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Don't make this a "gender" problem, because it's not. It's a people problem

Are the idots making these comments bad people in general? Yes, of course, but the problem here isn't that they make rude comments and hurt some girls feelings, it's that they turn their hate up to 11 when it's a female gamer. Even outside of forums and in online games, I'm shocked at some of the condecension I've seen directed at women who express an interest in tech or gaming, where it's assumed they are only doing it for the attention and they can't possibly be interested in this stuff for any other reason. Sexism is real, there really are guys out there that are terrible to women just based on their gender.

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