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USB cable developers have announced that a forthcoming version of the connector's plug is to be reversible.

It means users of the Universal Serial Bus cables will no longer have to worry which way round the part is facing when plugging it into a device.

The specification is due to be completed by mid-2014, and the first product on the market by 2016.

Spend only a few days using Apple's Lightning connector, and you'll realise how small things like it being reversible just makes life that tiny little bit less frustrating. About time USB did this.

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RE: Reversability at what cost?
by David on Thu 5th Dec 2013 04:19 UTC in reply to "Reversability at what cost?"
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The only problem I've had with lightning connectors are with the off-brand Chinese eBay cables I have tried, none of which work. With the Apple cables, I've had no problems.

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This is with the cable and charger that shipped in the box along with the phone, from a reputable dealer (directly from our carrier, T-Mobile USA). It is highly unlikely to be a fake.

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David Member since:

I agree with the other respondent. It's probably a defective cable. Take it to Apple and they'll give you a new one. I don't think it's a widespread design issue. Just a bad cable.

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