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USB cable developers have announced that a forthcoming version of the connector's plug is to be reversible.

It means users of the Universal Serial Bus cables will no longer have to worry which way round the part is facing when plugging it into a device.

The specification is due to be completed by mid-2014, and the first product on the market by 2016.

Spend only a few days using Apple's Lightning connector, and you'll realise how small things like it being reversible just makes life that tiny little bit less frustrating. About time USB did this.

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What is defective exactly?

By which I mean, is it the iPhone 5S or the cable? Since the "Genius" people here don't believe there's a problem with their product, and yet we can replicated it fairly consistently, I'm curious what you believe is the fault so I can try using that explanation.

It is a brand new iPhone 5S. There is no dirt in the port.

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There were quality issues with the Lightning cables. Many would send data but no longer power. I returned two... Simply by walking into an AppleStore with the cables alone and saying they didn't work. They swapped them without testing, without question -- they simply handed me new ones. The first two the problems appeared within the first two months; the replacements have been problem free for close to a year since.

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You're asking questions that you should know the answer to if you actually did what you say...

Why can't you tell if it's the cable or the phone? Simply plug a good cable in... Does the issue persist? No? It's the cable. Does the problem occur with any cable? Then it's the phone. As I said, The AppleStore likely wouldn't give you any fight at all if you could definitively isolate the problem to the cable, but if you couldn't, they certainly would have tried the basic test above. You say the results are consistent -- if they were consistent, they would be readily reproducible, readily diagnosable, and they'd fix it.

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What is defective exactly?

Why are you asking that question? Something about the cable or the phone is defective otherwise the internet would be awash with stories about this problem. Let me guess it would be called "cablegate!".

So apply standard debugging procedure. Replace the cable or get it replaced. If the problem is fixed then the issue was the cable. If the problem isn't fixed the issue is the phone.

Random failure to charge is not a feature or characteristic of the lighting cable, and much less of reversible cables in general. The only option is: defective phone or defective cable.

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What is the "PEBKAC" equivalent for phones? PEBTAC, T for "touchscreen"?

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