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"It's pretty much a brick," says Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison as he rejects a Samsung Chromebook brought in by an actor playing a customer. Microsoft really doesn't want you buying this thing.

But why? Just how big of a threat are Chromebooks, Google's oft-ridiculed web-only laptops, to Microsoft's core business?

I'm puzzled too. It doesn't seem like Chromebooks are that big of a threat - why create terrible advertisements that only provide Google with free publicity?

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RE: Scared of the mainframe?!
by shotsman on Sun 8th Dec 2013 13:17 UTC in reply to "Scared of the mainframe?!"
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VT100? Please more like a VT05

Yes I'm old enough to have used one.

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Not that old, but I did use green phosphor terminals connected to AS/400, Aix and DG/UX systems.

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