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Two changes supposedly coming to the next version of Windows, according to veteran Paul Thurrott:

Metro apps running in windows on the desktop. As you can today with third-party utilities such as ModernMix, the next version of Windows will let users optionally run Metro apps in floating windows on the desktop.

Start menu. After bringing back the Start button in Windows 8.1, Microsoft will take the next logical step in the next Windows version and make the Start menu available as an option. It's possible this will appear only on those product versions that support the desktop.

This would be Microsoft admitting they got Windows 8 all wrong.

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However on the other hand, the Modern style development has now clearly superseded the past and is established. You can even see its signature iOS and Android. So i guess in hindsight it does take some pain and risky decision's to move the field forward.

I know another OS once sold by MS that allowed me to use just a single application at a time (or multiple ones in a very awkward way), full of square widgets with aberrant colors and always in fullscreen. It was called "MS DOS".

The so called modern application is a step back, not forward. It is a paradigm created to be used by smartphones back in a time that their hardware barely managed to smoothly run a single application in a appealing way to their public (full of fluid animations in a high resolution display).

By all intents and purposes, this style of applications denies 30 year of evolution done in desktop computers. We near killed yourselves working to create computers capable to run multiple graphical applications simultaneously, so we can increase the productivity, just to have all this evolution thrown in the garbage so kiddies could have blinking animated applications with huge cool typography to play.

I'm still to see a application that follow this "Modern UI paradigm" capable to do serious work in real life environments, like a home office or a business. This paradigm works great for twitter clients, but when you do have to keep open a SAP, a IDE, 5 spreadsheets, a couple of text documents, a chat window with our co-workers, access network shares and keep all files organized, nothing beats the good old stacked window.

The Modern UI failed to conceive the most basic functionally on desktop computers: do real job.

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