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The giants of the tech industry are uniting to wage a campaign for sweeping reforms to the National Security Agency.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn and AOL are setting aside their business rivalries to demand that Congress and President Obama scale back the government's voracious surveillance.

These companies had little to no qualms about teaming up with the US government back when it was all done in relative secrecy, but now that it's out in the open, they're acting like heroes. This campaign would never have been launched if Snowden hadn't blown the whistle, which means the motive behind this new campaign is money - not morality.

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RE[6]: Comment by Nelson
by lucas_maximus on Wed 11th Dec 2013 00:10 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Nelson"
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Voting is broken. There is a reason why there is general apathy towards it.

Politics is a career these days much like any other career. In the past (in the UK) at least with many seats in the commons the case was that people that were successful and well known in their respective constituencies ended up being politicians instead of starting out as one.

Recently, In the UK people voted for Lib dems because you have to tactically vote, to keep the Tories out if you opposed them in the South of England. The lib dems ignored the very reason why they had so many votes and everyone got a coalition Government nobody wanted.
There is little point voting for anyone else, there is UKIP (friendly racists), BNP (racists) or Greenparty.

In Spain, many do not even question the Government. Last year a news reporter got sacked for asking question that Jeremy Paxman would consider a very easy set of opening questions. It was seen as rude by her employer. Some of the Spanish people I work with say that there is still a lot of Facist (Think General Franco) politicians ... I can only read basic Spanish, so I dunno how true this is, I have to rely on what I am told.

This is the attitude Paxman gave to his employer after being asked to read the weather:

What is the point in voting if the politicians don't understand you, don't understand your problems and fundamentally it comes down to a dissing contest on TV (just watch BBC Parliament).

The only place I seen any sense is from the House of Lords which was a joke 15 years ago, but many of the "Lords" have made their money and have no reason to actually have an Agenda to further it.

It may well work in the Netherlands, but I won't bother voting from now on even if I can, I don't see any value in the activity.

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RE[7]: Comment by Nelson
by zima on Sun 15th Dec 2013 10:28 in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Nelson"
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fundamentally it comes down to a dissing contest on TV (just watch BBC Parliament).

I always do wonder what's with the "yeaaaaah" or "nooooo" chants in the British parliament...

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