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Ina Fried has just confirmed the Nokia Android phone - and even argues that Microsoft might go ahead with actually releasing it.

According to a Nokia source, the software has a look more similar to Windows Phone than to the "squircle" icons used on the Asha. Normandy would also serve as a way to deliver Microsoft services such as Bing and Skype.

That is seen by some at Microsoft as a more palatable alternative than seeing more of those first-time smartphone buyers sign up not just for Android but also for Google's array of services.

Makes sense. It does raise another question, though: wouldn't this be yet another operating system Microsoft would need to develop and support?

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by CapEnt on Wed 11th Dec 2013 13:29 UTC
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If MS does this, IMHO, they will be doing a huge mistake. Not only this will deal a huge blow in the morale of their own internal Windows Phone development team (do not underestimate the disaster that this is on a company that depends on the creativity of their engineering team to survive), but will have implications outside the smartphone market for MS.

Think about it, MS tried his best to convince developers to spend a effort on WP and Metro, and if this phone is released, it would mean that all this effort was wasted. This will piss off the entire developer community that really took seriously Window Phone.

Worse, this will kill the entire MS convergence strategy. It will be the official dead of Metro UI, Win RT and Surface, since no developer will take these seriously anymore.

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RE: Mistake
by PhilB on Wed 11th Dec 2013 13:50 in reply to "Mistake"
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Don't worry, nobody has ever taken Microsoft seriously.

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RE[2]: Mistake
by moondevil on Wed 11th Dec 2013 14:24 in reply to "RE: Mistake"
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You surely don't work in the enterprise.

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RE: Mistake
by glarepate on Wed 11th Dec 2013 20:28 in reply to "Mistake"
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Nokia and MSFT are about the only two companies selling WP and RT and MSFT had to buy the Devices and Services Division from Nokia to keep it from tanking the company which would have killed virtually their whole phone/OS market.

This leaves a tiny percentage (and a tiny number too!) of devices from other manufacturers using those OSes as the only ones paying for licenses. It may cost them more to collect the fees than they make on them.

Pretending they are offering products that either manufacturers or consumers are willing to pay for is simply delusional. Better they admit it and [try to] move on.

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