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Reviving an old computer is like restoring a classic car: There's a thrill from bringing the ancient into the modern world. So it was with my first "real" computer, my Mac Plus, when I decided to bring it forward three decades and introduce it to the modern Web.

It's amazing what's possible on these old machines.

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Lynx > MacWeb ?
by M.Onty on Fri 13th Dec 2013 16:08 UTC
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In his case I would have stuck to Lynx rather than MacWeb. It should be the first port of call for anyone wanting to get ancient beast like the Mac Plus onto the Web. Not sure how easy it would be to compile the latest versions for Mac, mind...

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RE: Lynx > MacWeb ?
by henderson101 on Fri 13th Dec 2013 16:45 in reply to "Lynx > MacWeb ?"
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Not sure how easy it would be to compile the latest versions for Mac, mind...

Almost impossible. System 7 used MPW and Lightspeed compilers (later owned by THINK and then Symantec) mainly. MPW is probably still available, but good luck finding a legal copy of Lightspeed C. I think Metrowerks Codewarrior is too new to compile on another machine then port across - it certainly won't run on that vintage of Mac.

Your next issue is that the Mac had no command line, so you'd need to find some way round that. I'd assume that something like Metrowerks' SIOUX existed for the older compilers, but I really don't know.

Then the vintage of the C in question (30 years out of date.)

It would not be trivial and way more effort than using a pre compiled option.

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RE[2]: Lynx > MacWeb ?
by biffuz on Fri 13th Dec 2013 22:44 in reply to "RE: Lynx > MacWeb ?"
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There's MacLynx ;)

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