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2013 was nothing less than a blockbuster success for Windows Phone, which went from industry also-ran to the undisputed third mobile ecosystem, and is poised to challenge iPhone for the number two spot. You didn't think it could get this good? That's OK, neither did I.

Windows Phone seemingly turns a corner with every new application, small operating system update, and new Nokia Lumia. It's turning so many corners it's running in circles.

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RE: "Growth" numbers are useless
by segedunum on Thu 19th Dec 2013 20:21 UTC in reply to ""Growth" numbers are useless"
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"Growth" numbers only play favourably for the smallest players. Windows Phone shows "150% growth year over year" is meaningless. Going from 1 million to 2.5 million is not that great (150% growth) when the rest of the market is counted in the billions. Sure, Android may only have a miniscule growth percentage, but the actual numbers are orders of magnitude greater.

Having "the fastest growing" anything is nothing more than verbal diarrhea.

Indeed. They do this every single time and it's the same well worked, well worn formula because it's all they have. They like to try and argue 'trends' to get people imagining what Windows Phone will do in the future.

The part where Thurrott claims that Windows Phone is poised to challenge the iPhone on that basis was hilarious when in reality the iPhone has hit a ceiling with their limited supply and Android is the one taking some of its market share.

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Paul Thurrots unfounded assertion is incorrect because your unfounded assertion is. Can't make this stuff up.

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