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2013 was nothing less than a blockbuster success for Windows Phone, which went from industry also-ran to the undisputed third mobile ecosystem, and is poised to challenge iPhone for the number two spot. You didn't think it could get this good? That's OK, neither did I.

Windows Phone seemingly turns a corner with every new application, small operating system update, and new Nokia Lumia. It's turning so many corners it's running in circles.

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....and you're doing it again. This is about Windows Phone.

Android has the benefit of much greater supply and suppliers, which is why Android has such a large market share. Microsoft is not going to get anywhere by trying to make Nokia their personal 'iPhone' division and throwing cheap phones at marginal markets to try and boost their sales numbers and apparent growth.

Actually they're going to get very far, and already are seeing great traction at those price points.

Furthermore, I think its a bit myopic to assume that Nokia will be the single OEM moving forward, and that another OEM or collection of OEMs wont come in to add significant volumes.

There are rumors of Microsoft partnering with regional OEMs to release WP devices, couple that with free licenses for the OS and you have an OS which performs better than Android on lower end hardware, and that is as cheap, or cheaper (due to legal uncertainty surrounding Android).

I predict in a few months we'll see a several hundred million dollar writedown and a whole bunch of losses, because that is all that can be happening here. If you have lower volumes you need higher margins. If you have higher volumes then you might be able to make selling phones in Mexico profitable. Otherwise, it's creative accounting.

Its fascinating to see you have such a primitive understanding of how things work, but sure, ill take you up on that bet. There wont be a Nokia/WP related write down. That's absurd.

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