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Plasma 2 Technology Preview demonstrates the current development status. The Plasma 2 user interfaces are built using QML and run on top of a fully hardware accelerated graphics stack using Qt5, QtQuick 2 and an OpenGL(-ES) scenegraph. Plasma 2 is a converged workspace shell that can run and switch between user interfaces for different formfactors, and makes the workspace adaptable to a given target device.

Plasma 2 is not a complete rewrite; it's a port to a new graphics system (a fully hardware accelerated OpenGL(ES) scenegraph).

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RE[2]: I don't get it
by sbenitezb on Mon 23rd Dec 2013 22:37 UTC in reply to "RE: I don't get it"
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You don't get it. It may be a performance improvement or easier to code with QML, but it still looks behind everything else, as the parent poster said.

Years ago, things were different, even Windows 7 panel was some sort of rip off of KDE 4.

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RE[3]: I don't get it
by emilsedgh on Mon 23rd Dec 2013 22:46 in reply to "RE[2]: I don't get it"
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If you happen to be a Plasma user, please go read the linked article.

Except for the technology change, some parts are getting polished. For example calendar widget which in Plasma 1 looks very mis-aligned unreadable, looks really polished and clean in Plasma 2.

Plasma 2 is an evolutionary step towards a much more polished desktop. Its all about a better user experience.

KDE users will notice polished calendar, notifications, jobs, window decorations and "add widgets dialog".

And its only a "Technology preview".

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RE[4]: I don't get it
by sbenitezb on Mon 23rd Dec 2013 23:03 in reply to "RE[3]: I don't get it"
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I happen to have been a KDE user a couple years ago and left after not seeing any REAL improvement. KDE may be polished, but you don't polish a bad UI, you redesign it.

After years and years of computer use, I expect UIs to advance, make things easier and look better while being performant. I expect all three of them.

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RE[3]: I don't get it
by shmerl on Mon 23rd Dec 2013 23:21 in reply to "RE[2]: I don't get it"
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No, you didn't get it. The effort of Plasma 2 wasn't to make it look differently. It was to switch backends and underlying infra (like switching to mentioned Wayland and QML). Once that is done, they'll start focusing on redesign. Claiming they need to do all at once is silly.

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