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Plasma 2 Technology Preview demonstrates the current development status. The Plasma 2 user interfaces are built using QML and run on top of a fully hardware accelerated graphics stack using Qt5, QtQuick 2 and an OpenGL(-ES) scenegraph. Plasma 2 is a converged workspace shell that can run and switch between user interfaces for different formfactors, and makes the workspace adaptable to a given target device.

Plasma 2 is not a complete rewrite; it's a port to a new graphics system (a fully hardware accelerated OpenGL(ES) scenegraph).

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by Hiev on Tue 24th Dec 2013 15:38 UTC
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It is still grounded in the same failure vision that made KDE 4 a failure, those stupid selection animations, that stupid plasma menu, that stupid theme full of amateurish transparencies and rounded corners, those useless activities looking for a solution to a problem never existed, those stupid Windows with seven+ buttons, hey KDE developers, do you know what a toolbar is?

Trying to push that failure called Nepomuk, give up already if you haven't been able to fix it in 5 years you won't for the next version, still lack of usability, terrible defaults with the same excuse "configure it your self", still bloated in options, tell me, why do I need "Super slow" animations? why do I need to rotate a calculator 45 degrees? do you honestly think it will make it more usable? Still KWin bloated with toons of useless options, still too memory hungry, still the same arrogant developers who will make things their own way w/o listening the users. Still a failure.

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by SciK on Tue 24th Dec 2013 16:55 in reply to "..."
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those useless activities looking for a solution to a problem never existed

As a daily user of activities, I beg to disagree. They have significantly improved my workflow.

Besides, your argument could be used against so many thingsā€¦ honestly, I find it irrelevant.

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by Hiev on Tue 24th Dec 2013 16:57 in reply to "RE: ..."
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I believe activities doesn't worth the trouble of even configure them.

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