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Games Transgaming has released Cedega 5.0 today. "TransGaming is very excited about the introduction of the new Cedega scheduler which allows for better control over processes and threads under the Linux 2.6 kernels. With pixel shaders 1.4, your games will look more realistic and deliver better graphics quality than ever before. Preliminary FBO support has also been added as an experimental feature for users to try out on their favorite titles. Other improvements to Cedega designed to improve correctness and performance have also been included." Read the release notes.
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nokia games
by on Tue 8th Nov 2005 21:06 UTC

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My nokia 7210 displays and capable of showing better graphics and has more and better games than the linux os i use. Maybe someone would consider symbian os emulator, than at least we can play those games, which wont be so mad, they are really addictive ;)

I cant recall the name of it, but the soccer game i tried over linux was so far behing the fifa game i ve over my nokia :p
Also getting a bit nostalgic and playing old amiga500 games over UAE is not a bad for linux users like i am:) North&South, old great kick off extended edition, silkworm... hmm old games were the best...

By the way i am serious, does anyone know if its possible to emulate nokia symbian os games over linux(in fullscreen mode)... n-gage games etc would really make linux platform more fun

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RE: nokia games
by re_re on Wed 9th Nov 2005 02:25 in reply to "nokia games"
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better graphics?
I run UT2004 and Doom3 at the highest settings on this linux system and it runs flawless.

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