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Jolla promised another big bugfix update before the year was over, and they delivered. Version brings a whole boatload of bugfixes and stability improvements, but also brings in a few new features - such as one-way Google Calendar synchronization, camera support for Android applications, and a few more. Bigger new features are expected to arrive in January.

The update rollout itself was a bit of a disaster - the servers became overloaded (at least, that's what it looked like), so many people couldn't download the update, or would have the download hang halfway through. As far as I know, the update seems to be rolling out fine now, but having this process go wrong when the userbase is as small as it is means they've got some work to do on this one.

In the meantime, Christmas was packed with gifts for Sailfish users when it comes to applications. For instance, Sailfish has its own, native WhatsApp client now - and it works perfectly, and looks great. There's also a video player, and a native Facebook client - Friends - is getting daily updates. Then there's TinyWebBrowser; started out as a test project, but is already getting more useful than the stock browser, mostly because it supports landscape (a feature the stock browser will supposedly get in January).

All in all, the rate of new applications, new versions to existing applications, and operating system updates is all very promising, especially if you take into the account the very small userbase (I would guess several thousands at this point). Let's hope they can keep it up. For what it's worth - thanks to the new applications, I already uninstalled the Android compatibility stuff from my Jolla.

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Too much
by zdzichu on Sat 28th Dec 2013 10:45 UTC
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Hey, can you spare us posts about every point release of OS? Something like technical teardown would be much more interesting.

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RE: Too much
by WereCatf on Sat 28th Dec 2013 10:55 in reply to "Too much"
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Hey, can you spare us posts about every point release of OS? Something like technical teardown would be much more interesting.

It may not interest you, but I certainly am interested in learning about these kinds of releases. Sailfish, after all, is a totally new OS in the market and how it evolves, what things are fixed or added and how fast could totally mean the difference between life and death for the whole thing. Once it's matured a bit and established a small, but secure spot in the market then sure, but for now I'd certainly prefer him to keep posting these things.

Also, Thom quite likely is still busy reviewing and writing, he'll post his findings here when he's ready.

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RE[2]: Too much
by jockm on Sun 29th Dec 2013 06:44 in reply to "RE: Too much"
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Well that is is being updated is of some interest, but that should be easily discoverable from the company in question. I would really like it if the threshold for a story were higher than just that an OS had been updated.

There should have been something that put the information in some kind of context, or added something of interest. For example, I found it more than a little surprising the default web browser didn't support landscape.

I know the OS is new, but that is pretty fundamental. Also, shouldn't supporting landscape just be a matter of some layout settings? I have exactly no idea, but exploring that question might have been interesting. Instead we got something that is little more than a press release.

Oh on the bit about the rollout difficulty, as opposed to speculating as to what was the cause, perhaps some original reporting could have been done. At the very least find out an official response.

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RE: Too much
by vicdavery on Mon 30th Dec 2013 08:22 in reply to "Too much"
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Or perhaps you need to read a different site.
This is OSNews after all, and this is a release of an OS which in my book at least counts as news on an OS.

Particularly when this is an OS in it's infancy, on a brand new mobile and is making such great strides forward already.

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