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Games Transgaming has released Cedega 5.0 today. "TransGaming is very excited about the introduction of the new Cedega scheduler which allows for better control over processes and threads under the Linux 2.6 kernels. With pixel shaders 1.4, your games will look more realistic and deliver better graphics quality than ever before. Preliminary FBO support has also been added as an experimental feature for users to try out on their favorite titles. Other improvements to Cedega designed to improve correctness and performance have also been included." Read the release notes.
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RE[3]: good thing bad thing
by on Tue 8th Nov 2005 21:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: good thing bad thing"

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"Majority of the people who use linux are geeks"

The intelligent/wise ones

"Windows and Mac OSX are geared towards users, thus gamers."

The majority who are stupid when it comes to using computers

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RE[4]: good thing bad thing
by on Wed 9th Nov 2005 14:29 in reply to "RE[3]: good thing bad thing"
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Stupid, well maybe they're dumber than your omnipotent intelligence regarding computers, but they have money to pay for games and are willing to spend it.

Without Cedega, how many commerical games (and I mean commercial in their entirety including levels, artwork, maps, etc are released for the Linux platform?)

I can only think of Quake 1 2 3 and soon to be 4, Doom 3 and RtCW and the few games that LOKI ported for companies.

Ask yourself why did Loki Games go out of business if there is such a large Linux Gamer market?

I can't think of any other MAJOR (I don't mean nethack or battle for wesnoth) commercial games released, at any time, for linux.

you should ALL BE SUPPORTING CEDEGA if you want games to come to linux. CEDEGA guarantees the game makers that their copy protection scheme will not be violated and that the game players are legitimate.

The more players of LEGITIMATE STORE BOUGHT games on Linux there are, the more game studios will want to port their code to linux. No one in the commercial game industry wants to give away their work when it costs millions to make and distribute each game. They need to recoup their costs and turn a profit.

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