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The PC industry isn't doing so well. Sales have dramatically slumped, despite the industry's efforts to tempt consumers with Windows 8 tablets and transforming touchscreen laptops. But next week, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may be the launching pad for a new push - a new brand of computer that runs both Windows and Android.

Sources close to the matter tell The Verge that Intel is behind the idea, and that the chipmaker is working with PC manufacturers on a number of new devices that could be announced at the show. Internally known as "Dual OS," Intel's idea is that Android would run inside of Windows using virtualization techniques, so you could have Android and Windows apps side by side without rebooting your machine.

I'm going to make a very daring prediction, that is sure to send ripples across the entire industry: this is not going to turn the tide for the PC.

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Devices are the key
by Wodenhelm on Fri 3rd Jan 2014 22:48 UTC
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I think once Android, Kindle, and iOS can work with devices such as a wireless dvd burner, printer, mouse, etc... then the PC will be done.

At least in my case, as a consumer (who does not produce content), that's about all I need my laptop for. Then of course, multi-tasking.

The PC still has its place, by all means... just expect it to be relegated to office use, content production (media, programming, etc).

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RE: Devices are the key
by The123king on Sat 4th Jan 2014 13:33 in reply to "Devices are the key"
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If you need a cursor, CD burner and RHW keyboard, don't buy a tablet. I own both and use both, but the laptop is used more for creative pursuits and content production than the tablet. My tablet is treated most of the time, like an interactive book. I use it to read PDFs, news articles etc relevent to any creative work i'm doing on the laptop. Two screens are great, especially one that you can scowl at because you code won't compile, whilst playing Angry Birds on the other.

In a strange way, we've gone back to the days of the typewriter. Except that typewriter can play Portal 2 and the textbook can play GTA San Andreas.

To paraphrase Mark Twain. "The death of the desktop has been highly exaggerated"

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RE[2]: Devices are the key
by Wodenhelm on Sun 5th Jan 2014 04:38 in reply to "RE: Devices are the key"
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I say that on the unspoken assumption that tablet makers (or perhaps Google, through Android) will want to finally overthrow Microsoft's Windows once and for all.

I occasionally use my Bluetooth keyboard with my Kindle Fire HDX, but certainly not often enough to warrant having it attached. In that setup, I'll prop up the tablet on a picture frame holder, so I've got a mini desktop setup going.

And if I could indeed make use of the various hardware peripherals that are standard on a laptop or desktop, then I could easily consider abandoning Windows, as my KF-HDX is far faster than my laptop (its 2.2 GHz quadcore only having to deal with a smaller mobile OS make for a pretty good "power to weight ratio", so to say).

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