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I came across a website whose purpose was to provide a super detailed list of every handheld computing environment going back to the early 1970's. It did a great job except for one glaring omission: the first mobile platform that I helped develop. The company was called Danger, the platform was called hiptop, and what follows is an account of our early days, and a list of some of the "modern" technologies we shipped years before you could buy an iOS or Android device.

Written by one of Danger's first employees, Chris DeSalvo. Amazing detailed look at some of the revolutionary things Danger did - years before iOS and Android.

It should come as no surprise that I loved this article. I hate how everything is framed as "iOS/Android invented this" - while in fact, both of those platforms rely very, very, very heavily on those that came before, such as PalmOS and Danger.

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RE: Inventing
by tupp on Mon 6th Jan 2014 05:57 UTC in reply to "Inventing"
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Who the hell are all these people claiming that iOS and Android invented everything?

Apple fanboys regularly suggest that Apple originated something that actually originated elsewhere.

I don't recall ever hearing anyone saying that "Android" invented anything. Furthermore, Android is not exactly a definable R&D entity -- it is merely a Linux-based OS.

I see people constantly bitching about other people saying it, but I've never heard anyone actually claim such a thing.

I have seen Apple supporters make false claims many times on this very forum.

Well, maybe some non-techies do,...

That was certainly a quick turnabout.

By the way, what kind of users do would you say Apple attracts -- "techies" or "non-techies?"

You can't really blame them for not knowing any better.

Oh, as adults, they certainly should know better than to claim falsehoods and make things up.

Apple was the first to invent a portable PDA/phone that I'd actually want to use.

And what is it, exactly, that Apple "invented" in regards to the PDA/phone?

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RE[2]: Inventing
by henderson101 on Mon 6th Jan 2014 12:29 in reply to "RE: Inventing"
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And what is it, exactly, that insert manufacturer "invented" in regards to the PDA/phone?

That's more like it.

Palm took the filer and put it in you pocket, but Windows, Mac and various XWindows interfaces had already "invented" the concept. Indeed, the Newton took the idea from the Mac before the Palm guys came along. Seeing as that is the crux of most of Thom's arguments that Palm was robbed blind by everyone else, I see that as a pretty good indication that Palm innovated rather than invented in exactly the same way Apple, Google and Microsoft have with their various mobile OS. Nothing else in Palm was very original. The database idea was used in NewtonOS first, as was the pen input - which wasn't even original when Apple used it. The handwriting recognition Palm used was originally produced as an alternate input method for Newtons (and actually worked better as one could move the input window.)

There's one kind of troll worse that an archetypal "Apple fan boi" and that's an archetypal "Apple basher". Kind of like a sad stuck pixel, blinking away with no real point.

And here's the thing - I own both Apple and Android devices, and have used an Android phone for the last 6 months and owned PalmOS devices "back in the day". Gosh, that really does mess with your "Fanboi" claims, doesn't it?

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RE[2]: Inventing
by WorknMan on Mon 6th Jan 2014 18:26 in reply to "RE: Inventing"
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And what is it, exactly, that Apple "invented" in regards to the PDA/phone?

They invented a phone that my mom can use, WITHOUT wanting to hurl it through a window. I don't know if that's exactly a crowning achievement, but even tech tards know what apps are now, and can readily install them.

Don't get me wrong... I personally think Android is better, but Apple was the first one to REALLY put this shit in the hands of the masses.

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