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Red Hat

With great excitement I'd like to announce that we are joining the Red Hat family. The CentOS Project is joining forces with Red Hat. Working as part of the Open Source and Standards team to foster rapid innovation beyond the platform into the next generation of emerging technologies. Working alongside the Fedora and RHEL ecosystems, we hope to further expand on the community offerings by providing a platform that is easily consumed, by other projects to promote their code while we maintain the established base.

Well, that's certainly a different tune from Red Hat. Welcome though!

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By making even more variants of CentOS RH will devalue each variant(along with Unbreakable and Scientific Linux).
Sure CentOS will be even more THE GO TO distro for people who want to build stuff and get a free lunch, BUT if you are some clueless IT decision maker at some firm all that CentOS stuff just got a lot more confusing and picking RHEL will be the even safer bet.

Red Hat cares only for their share holders, everyone who thinks otherwise needs to arrive IRL.

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Variants are just like Fedora spins.

What it actually means is people will build stacks that interest you directly, giving you a means to get started more quickly.

This isn't the same as Scientifix or Unbreakable because it isn't a bunch of people working on something separate. It is a way to empower people in their particular area of interest.

If you can't figure out which variant you want, you probably shouldn't choose any, you probably shouldn't be considering administration of a Linux box on your own at all.

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The difference is, they contribute A LOT more to the Linux ecosystem in general than many other projects.

Sure, they (Red Hat) make a few bucks on the side, that's why they're a corporation to begin with! Which company DOESN'T do that? That's the definition of a "business"!

This is a great move for all parties involved, regardless of what a vocal minority may think.

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Meh, do you even FUD bro?

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