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Nokia is once again extending and improving Windows Phone. While Microsoft has implemented Live Tiles across Windows Phone, Nokia is adding a new App Folder interface that allows Windows Phone users to stack apps and settings into a folder Tile on the Start Screen. The new feature is part of Nokia's Lumia Black software that is being rolled out to Lumia 1020 and and Lumia 925 devices today. Other Lumia models will be updated "in the coming weeks" according to Nokia.

I'm not sure what's more telling about the state of the Windows Phone platform; the fact that folders on the homescreen is a big thing, or that Nokia, and not Microsoft, implemented it.

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RE: Not a great implementation.
by manjabes on Fri 10th Jan 2014 06:36 UTC in reply to "Not a great implementation."
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It IS a 3rd party app for all what it's worth. Because Microsoft doesn't allow apps to do basically anything with the main UI, then that's the only option anyone has got. On one hand it supposedly relieves the customer from carrier bloat, on the other hand it doesn't enable such useful additions and forces the customers to rely on the glacial pace of the WP team...if they ever get time to do stupid stuff such as development in between the drooling-towards-Apple-sessions.

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Glacial pace of WP? Seriously! Windows phone 7 was launched barely 3 years ago, and already they have an experience that is comparible to iOS and Android.

And with Windows Phone 8.1 right around the corner, I'm expecting to see a skew of new features added to fill in the remaining gaps.

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comparible to iOS and Android

It has always been comparable, but the results of comparisons are still "falls short".

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