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Games Transgaming has released Cedega 5.0 today. "TransGaming is very excited about the introduction of the new Cedega scheduler which allows for better control over processes and threads under the Linux 2.6 kernels. With pixel shaders 1.4, your games will look more realistic and deliver better graphics quality than ever before. Preliminary FBO support has also been added as an experimental feature for users to try out on their favorite titles. Other improvements to Cedega designed to improve correctness and performance have also been included." Read the release notes.
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RE: Be smart and ditch the PC.....
by on Wed 9th Nov 2005 00:03 UTC in reply to "Be smart and ditch the PC....."

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Maybe if we actually had some games, we'd have less time to compile
our kernels...
Hey loser, do what most Linux users have done. Buy a PS2 and abandon the PC totally as a "Gaming" platform. I haven't bought or played a PC game title in over 6 years.
Hey retard, console games suck. Consoles are for little kids who still wet the bed, with their lame ass controllers ("Oh no! Keyboards have too many buttons! We're DOOMED!") and their crappy lowest-common denominator gameplay ("Jump! Jump again! Jump! Come on! Oh, damn, you fell into the water. Game over! I guess you have to go back to your last save point...")

I bought a PS2 and it now collects dust. The games are shallow retreads and sequels of games which sucked in the first place. When a stupid, inane game like "Mario Kart" is considered a 'classic', don't you feel like you're kind of, oh I don't know, at the bottom of the food chain?

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