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To be sure, it's no magic solution to the gargantuan task of moving the entire Android ecosystem forward. And the update situation for non-flagship devices remains something of a crapshoot. But it's a start, and a big step in the right direction. And as we move from Jelly Bean into the KitKat era, it's enough to give us some hope for the future of Android updates.

Read on to find out why.

Still Android's biggest weakness. Baby steps are made, but a solution there is not.

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Take a page from the MS playbook?
by tomz on Sun 19th Jan 2014 01:23 UTC
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License Android to the carriers based on the number of phones sold. Even if they don't run Android. Like Windows - try to buy a PC without Windows. "You are free to run whatever, but the contract is based on total units". iPhone? Well, we could port it but you have to pay up anyway.

It isn't unfair, just so, so much more convenient. Instead of doing the messy thing to figure out how to apportion fees, just take the total sales, multiply by X, and cut a check. Dell, Compaq, HP, and Gateway loved it back in the day...

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Sigh, not that old wives tale again.
Even Dell and HP will sell you a PC without Windows if you look hard enough. There are plenty of suppliers who will happily sell you a device with no OS loaded.

Sure if you just look at places like BestBuy or PC-World you have no choice but really, in 2014 do you think that is is impossible to avoid the MS tax?
No it ain't.

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Like Windows - try to buy a PC without Windows.

The only "PC" I've ever owned with Windows pre-installed is my 2012 vintage laptop. The rest have been self-built white boxes running Linux.

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