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We report regularly about Visopsys - one of the few hobby operating systems that survived where virtually all the others (SkyOS, Syllable, etc.) died out. They've got a new website, which seems like a nice occasion to give it some attention again.

The bulk of Visopsys is a fully multitasking, 100% protected mode, virtual-memory, massively-monolithic-style kernel. Added to this is a bare-bones C library and a minimal suite of applications - together comprising a small but reasonably functional operating system which can operate natively in either graphical or text modes. Though it's been in continuous development for a number of years, realistically the target audience remains limited to operating system enthusiasts, students, and assorted other sensation seekers.

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RE[3]: Comment by charlieg
by Morgan on Mon 20th Jan 2014 16:40 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by charlieg"
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Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but in my particular case, the Raspberry Pi isn't usable as a desktop OS except in a pinch. It's simply too slow. It does have a ton of uses outside that paradigm though. I'm using mine to prototype a commercial/retail grade safety timer system for work, and at home it's been used as anything from a low power server, to a media center, to the heart of a ham radio digital rig.

My PIII laptop is (with the right OS) much faster than the Pi as a desktop system, it serves a couple of specific use cases I previously mentioned, and it's just a hobby/fun system anyway. It has a built in battery that gives me a couple of hours untethered, and it uses much less power than the old Compaq tower I used to use for niche OSes and retro gaming.

As for the developers who create these awesome niche OSes...maybe they just do it for fun? Maybe they already do contribute to other "more worthy" projects and this is just a hobby for them? I suppose you'd just have to ask them.

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