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We report regularly about Visopsys - one of the few hobby operating systems that survived where virtually all the others (SkyOS, Syllable, etc.) died out. They've got a new website, which seems like a nice occasion to give it some attention again.

The bulk of Visopsys is a fully multitasking, 100% protected mode, virtual-memory, massively-monolithic-style kernel. Added to this is a bare-bones C library and a minimal suite of applications - together comprising a small but reasonably functional operating system which can operate natively in either graphical or text modes. Though it's been in continuous development for a number of years, realistically the target audience remains limited to operating system enthusiasts, students, and assorted other sensation seekers.

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RE[3]: Comment by charlieg
by allanregistos on Tue 21st Jan 2014 04:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by charlieg"
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"I have an old PIII laptop that I keep around for running native BeOS and old Windows games, and Syllable makes for a great modern OS for that machine.

So all these OSes are just used for old hardware which can be easily surpassed by a 40$ RaspberryPi which uses a lot less energy (~5W?).
" I think you have a point. If I can write my own OS, will just use ARM based CPUs to start with.

So why ? why still using these old OS while there is an alternative with many usable apps and support ?

Sometimes I ask myself why some developers who are expert enough to create an OS can't start writing useful things for Linux that only a small fraction can do it: OpenCL acceleration of apps, OpenGL Shaders, Graphics drivers, vector graphics rendering library, optimization, refactoring of huge and badly architectured apps, ...
I think writing an OS is really a different field than graphics development. And I believe its fun to create an OS from scratch to see your creation blossoms as a full blown operating system is very rewarding. But I agree with you, they must use their talents to improve existing operating systems and their libraries.

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