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Anybody following tech media in the past few years would instantly recognize the Thorne. He's a fanboy. That is, the kind of crazily obsessed tech enthusiast who appears to have become unhinged somewhere between peeling off his smartphone's screen protector and making his 457th comment on Android Central. He seems to love - as in, romantically love - his phone. He explodes with rage when somebody says anything less than glowingly positive about it.

I've been dealing with fanboys for as long as I'm an OSNews editor - made worse by the fact that I don't really have a strong allegiance to any platform, and therefore, tend to criticise and praise each of them at the same time, on a weekly basis. This means I have to deal with all manner of fanboys, and while it sometimes can be quite tiring, it's just kind of adorable most of the time.

The other side of the coin is being accused of being biased for or against something. I used to maintain a list of all the companies and products I was accused of being biased for or against. Interestingly enough, all of the companies and products mentioned appeared in both the biased for and biased against column. In other words, I was biased for and against every single company and product mentioned on OSNews at the same time.

In the meantime, out in the real world, I try to use as many different products from as many different companies as (financially) possible, so that I gather as much as real-world experience as I can. So, in the past 18-24 months, I've bought a Nexus 7, HTC 8X Windows Phone, Surface RT, iMac, Find 5 (Android), a self-built Windows 8 PC, Nokia E7 (Symbian), iPhone 5S, Jolla, and only last week I added a Nokia N9 to my collection. On top of that, I've used a whole bunch of other classic devices to further expand my horizon. I love technology, regardless of brand or platform.

So yes, I've probably had more experience with fanboys than just about anyone here on OSNews. However, the things I've had to deal with are minute compared to the things people like Joshua Topolsky from The Verge has had to deal with.

The gist of this somewhat random collection of words: be happy OSNews is a relatively small, niche site. Sure, we get into our (in the grand scheme of things, pointless) debates, but at least virtually every regular commenter here displays a reasonable amount of intelligence and restraint. We could do a whole lot worse.

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They don't hold a candle to the rabid Microsoft fanboys out there...of course, they may not be fanboys at awful lot of them are PAID to be so loyal! (see recent news)

I am awfully tired of hearing that I am stupid because I can't "figure out" Windows 8, or that I haven't given it a fair shake (or just haven't used it at all, even though I have and I do).

No, all our opinions are just WRONG to these people.

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But he's right that the words "fanboy" "shill" and "troll" are used almost universally now as codewords for "I do not agree with you" or "you are not following groupthink".

I mean running a little PC shop I often have a little more exp than most with hardware and software and have found what seems to be reliable more often than not, little tips and tricks, as well as seeing the not so hot, especially in hardware as I have to keep a closer eye on that as a bad batch of products by a company that doesn't stand up for their offerings? Could seriously hurt me yet if I point any of these out? Why if its positive I MUST be a fanboy or a shill, and if its negative against a product that isn't universally reviled (like Win 8) I MUST be a troll (or in the case of Win 8 an idiot for not "embracing the innovation" of bolting bike handlebars on a pickup truck).

So far I've been accused of being a fanboy/shill for, in no particular order...AMD, Intel*, Comodo, Microsoft, Apple*, Sandisk, Asus, Acer, and oh yeah, ecigs for daring to point out on a forum that after 30 years I had finally managed to put down the coffin nails thanks to the "ego style" of ecigs.

I've been accused of being a "troll" against Linux (because I dared to point out how often driver issues arise with the current driver model), Apple (*-because i don't like walled gardens), Google (think all the tracking and G+ trying to tie into my YouTube is stalkerish) and ARM (because I pointed out that ARM doesn't scale well and starts losing its power advantages with increased clocks) and Intel (*-because i think bribing OEMs, rigging compilers, and using its position to drive Nvidia out of the chipset business is worthy of antitrust sanctions).

In every case I was stating my opinion based on my exp with the product but you simply aren't allowed to HAVE an opinion anymore, one that doesn't follow lockstep with the groupthink anyway.

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