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Nokia has just posted its results for the fourth quarter of 2013 - this is the last set of quarterly results which include the devices division, which has been sold to Microsoft. The parts that remain at Nokia are doing relatively well, but the holiday quarter for Lumia was a letdown.

Exactly how much of a letdown we can't say, since Nokia has - curiously, but tellingly - stopped reporting Lumia sales (update: Nokia has confirmed it sold 8.2 million Lumias). However, they do state that Lumia sales in the fourth (holiday) quarter were down from the third quarter, but up from the year-ago quarter, meaning they sold anywhere between 4.4 and 8.8 million Lumias during the holiday quarter of 2013. Tweakers' Arnoud Wokke has done the math, and concludes Nokia sold between 7.55 and 7.98 million Lumias (update: Nokia has confirmed it sold 8.2 million Lumias). Average selling price dropped again, most likely due to the popularity of the low-end 520. This gives Nokia a smartphone market share of about 2-3%.

All in all, the devices division, with its crashing Asha sales and struggling Lumia sales, was a clear stone around Nokia's neck, kept somewhat afloat by cash injections from Microsoft. However, those injections apparently weren't enough, and by now, we can conclude that Microsoft was effectively forced to step in and buy Nokia's devices division - lest someone else do it.

With this being the last quarter in which Nokia reports on its devices division, an era has come to an end. Now it's up to Microsoft to try and see if they can make something out of the Lumia brand - however, without the Nokia name, that's going to be a very tough sell.

Just ask the Surface department.

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Friggen pissed
by calden on Fri 24th Jan 2014 00:35 UTC
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I was so livid over the MeegOS fiasco so it's hard to feel sorry for them. I absolutely love my Nokia N9 and even though I now own a Nokia 1020 and really enjoy the camera, Windows 8 Mobile is a dud of an operating system. Like iOS I can't stand OS's that don't give you access to the filesystem. I cringe everytime I have to transfer photos or data from my wifes iPhone to my home server. Thank goodness I use and enjoy Skydrive, especially that I can have 200GB for the same price as 50GB for Apples iCloud. Not bashing Apple, just stating a fact, I absoltuly adore OSX and my Macbook Air. Like iOS though W8M is plagued with the same, "must have ultimate controll over our users as Apple does". I will miss Nokia as I they were at one time my favorite, I've owned every Communicator they made but they screwed up by allowing that snake to become CEO. Disgusting beyond words. I hope Ubuntu Touch becomes a reality as the mobile scape isn't looking to promising.

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RE: Friggen pissed
by ricegf on Sat 25th Jan 2014 21:30 in reply to "Friggen pissed"
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Yes, Ubuntu Touch would be my first choice, but of the "next wave" of phone operating systems, looks like they'll be the last to actually ship. That's disappointing, and will make it harder for them to break into serious market share.

Mozilla has done far better than I expected with Firefox OS - several phones, a tablet, and now TVs. I guess after slaying the IE dragon, I shouldn't have underestimated them. Love the openness, but miss Qt. Maybe next phone.

Jolla has started shipping with Qt and the Other Half goodness, too. Looks great; wish them the very best. Were that they were successful enough to launch in the USA.

Neither Tizen or WP 8 interest me much, so I guess I'm not surprised at Nokia's slump and Samsung's endless delays.

Android and iOS are ok, but we need more real options. It's been fun to have OS competition again - I really don't want that to end!

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