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Nokia has just posted its results for the fourth quarter of 2013 - this is the last set of quarterly results which include the devices division, which has been sold to Microsoft. The parts that remain at Nokia are doing relatively well, but the holiday quarter for Lumia was a letdown.

Exactly how much of a letdown we can't say, since Nokia has - curiously, but tellingly - stopped reporting Lumia sales (update: Nokia has confirmed it sold 8.2 million Lumias). However, they do state that Lumia sales in the fourth (holiday) quarter were down from the third quarter, but up from the year-ago quarter, meaning they sold anywhere between 4.4 and 8.8 million Lumias during the holiday quarter of 2013. Tweakers' Arnoud Wokke has done the math, and concludes Nokia sold between 7.55 and 7.98 million Lumias (update: Nokia has confirmed it sold 8.2 million Lumias). Average selling price dropped again, most likely due to the popularity of the low-end 520. This gives Nokia a smartphone market share of about 2-3%.

All in all, the devices division, with its crashing Asha sales and struggling Lumia sales, was a clear stone around Nokia's neck, kept somewhat afloat by cash injections from Microsoft. However, those injections apparently weren't enough, and by now, we can conclude that Microsoft was effectively forced to step in and buy Nokia's devices division - lest someone else do it.

With this being the last quarter in which Nokia reports on its devices division, an era has come to an end. Now it's up to Microsoft to try and see if they can make something out of the Lumia brand - however, without the Nokia name, that's going to be a very tough sell.

Just ask the Surface department.

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Lumia 520 for $59 in the states
by asupcb on Fri 24th Jan 2014 05:25 UTC
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I just saw that the Microsoft store in the U.S. is selling Nokia Lumia 520's for $59 off-contract for the AT&T GSM version. My mom wants to get a smartphone for the first time.

I was going to tell her to buy a Moto G, but at $59 off-contract I think a 520 just makes more sense. She really didn't want to spend more than $100 on a phone, plus her and my father plan to switch to StraightTalk (an American MVNO that resells access to all four major American networks) at some point this year.

She mostly just wants calls, texts, MMS, Facebook, Maps/directions and email. As far as I know WP8 provides all of that. She isn't very tech savvy and I don't see her wanting any apps outside of the basics.

If you want to check out the special here is a link:

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for now MS is buying marketshare just like they did in the console days. amazing war chest they have.

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They're $7B richer after this last quarter. Microsoft makes enough in three months to buy Nokia.

They effectively have unlimited cash. Now with Nokia's supply chain and manufacturing expertise (no more write downs), they will be very formidable indeed.

Microsoft actually when it comes to it will ship nearly 20M devices (phones, tablets, consoles) a quarter.

Surface is almost a billion dollar business itself and is on the verge of break even, albeit at lower margins due to markdowns. But they can recoup that through value add.

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For what it's worth, I have a Lumia 521 (T-Mobile version of the same phone) on Straight Talk and it's perfect. Low price on the service itself, unlimited everything*, and the phone is outstanding for the price. And, if they end up not liking WP8, it's easy to jump to another phone as long as it's compatible with the type of SIM you have.

WP8 does indeed handle all of your stated needs, and the mapping/navigation in particular is very nice. Facebook and other social networks are integrated into the phone's interface, and you can also install the standalone apps. The phone itself is very fast and fluid, and I'd say the only thing lacking in the hardware department is a camera flash.

*Technically there's a soft cap at ~2GB wherein the data drops to 2G speeds, but I've never hit it and I'm a heavy data user. As long as you are signed in to WiFi whenever possible it won't be an issue, and things like mapping/navigation, email and basic browsing aren't affected as much by speed.

Edit: I almost forgot, if you're bringing an unlocked phone to Straight Talk, you'll have to set up the APNs correctly, as the instructions they provide aren't as thorough as they should be. Here's a link to the correct settings for ATT phones on Straight Talk. It says "Android" but is the same for any phone on that service.

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