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In my review of Jolla and Sailfish, one of my biggest issues was the rather lacklustre browser, which didn't support landscape mode. Yesterday, Jolla released the January update for their operating system, version, which includes many small new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, but most of all, it has vastly improved landscape support.

Half of the screen no longer turns blank when opening the keyboard in landscape mode, and support for it has been added to the default browser - which suddenly becomes a whole lot more useful, since browsing the web without landscape mode was a major pain in the butt. Jolla has also implemented full gesture support in landscape mode; before this update, gestures would not rotate with the screen orientation, but now they do.

The update contains a lot more improvements, and as promised, it was delivered in January. In addition, The New York Times has an article about Jolla as well. Not a lot of new information for those of us keeping up with all this stuff, but it's interesting to see major news outlets talking about Jolla.

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RE[19]: Really
by vicdavery on Wed 5th Feb 2014 08:28 UTC in reply to "RE[18]: Really"
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Even if we were to count in your way (which I don't) and there were 5 updates. That's 5 updates in 2 years, one every 5 months.

And we've had 3 updates in 2 months for Jolla. I think we can accept on basic maths that Jolla is getting more frequent updates.

Now regarding the contents: an update which takes 5 months to produce by my reckoning contain a lot more than an update which has taken 3 weeks.

Which would I rather have?
Frequent small upgrades rolled out in an Agile style?
Or big bang major updates a couple of times a year?

Me, I want the former.

I do wonder, Nelson, who you're trying to convince? Because it's clear not many people are listening to your flawed arguments.

And nice comeback with that "Moron" comment. Very witty.

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RE[20]: Really
by Nelson on Wed 5th Feb 2014 11:10 in reply to "RE[19]: Really"
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I don't expect you to be able to keep up, but there are two separate arguments here. One, that Thom already conceded was that Sailfish is afforded this agility because they're small, on likely less than a million devices, and are on one carrier in Finland.

They have less units in the wild than BB10 for crying out loud. This means they have less QA and logistical work when rolling out an update. With robust growth and device variety you understandably lose that agility.

For Windows Phone, updates roll out regionally pending carrier approval. So an update could launch on one day and roll out over three months to the over 50 million install base across over 20 carriers and almost two dozen devices. Quite the difference.

P.S WP8 launched Nobember 2012, so its been a little over a year. And WP 8.1 is launching in April.

Keeping up so far? Now, the second, separate argument is that WP only had three updates over an 18 month period. This is provably false, though ill leave it to you and Thom to play semantics games.

So I don't dispute that its nice that Sailfish gets updates, I just add context by pointing to both the size of their ecosystem and the content of said updates. Something apparently you both took issue with, which I find amusing.

and lastly, yes, if you respond with moronic statements you will get called a moron. Instead of blaming me, why don't you try self moderating the bullshit you post?

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