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The reason this happened is that while Sinofsky had the maniacal power and force of will of a Steve Jobs, he lacked Jobs' best gift: An innate understanding of good design. Windows 8 is not well-designed. It's a mess. But Windows 8 is a bigger problem than that. Windows 8 is a disaster in every sense of the word.

This is not open to debate, is not part of some cute imaginary world where everyone's opinion is equally valid or whatever. Windows 8 is a disaster. Period.

Paul Thurrott shares some of his inside information, and it's pretty damning. According to him, Sinofsky's team - even up to his major supporter, Steve Ballmer - were removed from the company after it became clear just much of a disaster Windows 8 was.

I agree with his conclusion: razor-sharp focus on productivity, Windows' number one use. The desktop side of Windows 8.x is pretty good as it is, and has been progressively getting better with every update. I would go one step further than Thurrott. Windows 9 (desktops/laptops) and Windows Metro (tablets/smartphones). These two can still be one product (e.g., connect a keyboard/mouse/monitor to your x86 smartphone and it opens the desktop), but they should be entirely separate environments.

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Why complain now?
by UltraZelda64 on Tue 11th Feb 2014 00:38 UTC
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I don't recall Paul complaining too much when Microsoft forced Metro crap (Start "screen", "Charms" bar, Metro-style notifications) upon desktop Windows users. So why all the rage now that the reverse is happening?

Microsoft adds "close" buttons to Metro apps and mouse-oriented context menus and he has a fit. Hey, if they would just give us the option to use the *real* Start menu NOW they wouldn't even have to touch the Start screen, and for some reason I get the idea that by adding a close button to Metro apps they're just getting them ready to run in windows on the desktop.

Maybe Microsoft thinks the Metro-style "apps" will look better/cleaner/whatever on the Windows desktop with their own integrated and Metro-themed close buttons, instead of using the standard desktop window manager's title bar. Who knows, but in either case I don't think it's that big of a deal, and as long as us desktop users have to deal with this Metro crap, these changes might actually be beneficial.

On the other hand... the taskbar in Metro and Metro apps... I agree with him 100% on that one. What the FUCK were they thinking?!? For the same reason it was a braindead idea to integrate such Metro-ifications as the above-mentioned Charms bar, Start screen and others into the desktop, it is equally retarded (if not more so) to try to tack the taskbar onto the Metro side. Just when you think Microsoft has peaked with their mind-blowingly retarded ideas, finally went on decline a bit in terms of pure stupidity, and seemed to have hit a plateau of semi-decency, here they are with yet another one. As usual.

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RE: Why complain now?
by Luminair on Tue 11th Feb 2014 18:37 in reply to "Why complain now?"
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He's complaining now because he installed the leaked 8.1 update a few days ago and sees how the new leadership is reversing everything that was done to make Windows bad.

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