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The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the public release of MorphOS 3.5, which introduces support for PowerMac 7,2 machines and features various bug fixes as well as other improvements. For an overview of the included changes, please read our release notes.

They released 3.5.1 shortly after to fix a boot issue in 3.5.

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RE: Still no love...
by Megol on Wed 19th Feb 2014 12:44 UTC in reply to "Still no love..."
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I'm disappointed they still don't support G3 Macs. They have G3 support for other systems, and the G3 Macs are the same as the G4 (except for the occasional newer video chip), so why is there no G3 Mac support? I'd buy MorphOS for my iMac G3 in an instant if it worked.

Pretty simple: supporting G3 Macs takes time and resources better spent on higher performing machines.
IIRC the G3 Macs hardware varies much more than the G4 machines which would make it harder to support too.

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RE[2]: Still no love...
by JLF65 on Wed 19th Feb 2014 22:49 in reply to "RE: Still no love..."
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The G3 iMac was the biggest seller of the time, and all models are damn near identical other than speed and amount of ram. They did a couple updates of the video chip, but most are ATI Rage. Of all G3s, it would be the easiest to support, and give a HUGE boost to the number of Macs covered. And given they DO support a couple G3s with VERY "odd" architectures, claiming the iMac G3 isn't worth supporting is bogus just on the face of it.

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