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Microsoft isn't yet talking about the next update to Windows Phone. Though the company has made a series of small updates to Windows Phone 8, with three delivered so far, the platform is more or less the same as it was in 2012.

A big update is, however, in the cards. A series of leaks over the past few weeks have revealed an abundance of details about what Microsoft is likely to call Windows Phone 8.1. Unlike the three updates already made to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1 will be huge: so big that the 8.1 name (no doubt chosen to align the phone operating system with the desktop and tablet one) is downright misleading. If version numbers were determined by the scale of changes alone, this would be called Windows Phone 9.

Inside the bubble of Windows Phone, this is a huge update, and definitely one I'm looking forward to. However, outside of this bubble, this update contains nothing that iOS and Android haven't had for years, making WP 8.1 feel like what the platform should have been from day one.

If Microsoft can keep up with the competition going forward from 8.1, things could (finally) get interesting.

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Keeping up? S(t)ync.
by tomz on Sat 22nd Feb 2014 21:37 UTC
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People have already lost interest.

Keeping up will fail even worse, they need a quantum leap.

Note people hate Ford cars - Microsoft is causing their quality ratings to sync. (I rented one when I needed to. I hated it. It was stupid. I would never buy a Ford with Microsoft Stynk).

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RE: Keeping up? S(t)ync.
by Morgan on Sat 22nd Feb 2014 22:37 in reply to "Keeping up? S(t)ync."
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Fords are actually great cars, considering they are an American automotive company. The dashboard features may suck, but their engine technology is amazing. They are finally looking good on the outside too, though they borrow heavily from European and Asian designs to get there.

Edit: I wonder if this will end up any better?

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RE[2]: Keeping up? S(t)ync.
by unclefester on Sun 23rd Feb 2014 11:36 in reply to "RE: Keeping up? S(t)ync."
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Ford's non-US models are generally fantastic. The Ford Focus was the best selling car in the world in 2013. 'nuff said.

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RE: Keeping up? S(t)ync.
by moondevil on Sun 23rd Feb 2014 12:06 in reply to "Keeping up? S(t)ync."
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Note people hate Ford cars - Microsoft is causing their quality ratings to sync. (I rented one when I needed to. I hated it. It was stupid. I would never buy a Ford with Microsoft Stynk).

Oh man, the typical Microsoft FUD without facts.

Ford platform sucks thanks to the in-house development and the off-shoring that Ford did to the code they bought from Microsoft.

So before blaming Microsoft, what about blaming the Ford developers and their off-shoring buddies?

Sure, Microsoft quality is not always the desired one, however this case is not one of them.

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RE[2]: Keeping up? S(t)ync.
by ricegf on Sun 23rd Feb 2014 12:46 in reply to "RE: Keeping up? S(t)ync."
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I don't know who wrote the software, but my experience was a big Microsoft logo on the dashboard and a horrid user experience. If Ford engineers screwed up Microsoft's code, the latter should freaking sue!

We rented a C-Max hybrid for an extended drive to a technical conference in Florida, and I grew quite fond of the car overall. It got about 37 MPG - not as great as expected - but the ride was smooth and silent, and the displays generally quite informative. I even grew fond of the "leaves" app, that sprouted new leaves when in electric mode and dropped them in gasoline mode (yeah, sounds cheesy, but maybe I'm just cheesy ;-).

But the rest of the code was atrocious. I connected my Nexus 4 via USB, and the software directed me to disconnect it lest it be damaged. When my wife connected her ancient Galaxy Nexus, it insisted on playing her ringtones full volume over the car speakers. We never got the GPS to work, since it required some special phone app that we couldn't find for Android. And the voice command system failed miserably - even though I used commands specifically listed in the manual (which I read cover to cover, since I couldn't believe the software was really that bad), every time it responded with a long-winded "I don't know how to do that. Here's some things I know how to do: " and then giving an eternal list of commands including the commands I just gave.

That incredibly frustrating software is my sole reason for scratching the C-Max off my interest list.

Whoever wrote it, whether Microsoft or Ford, should be fired. Utterly atrocious.

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