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The Ubuntu Touch smartphone OS has come a long way, but it still has further to plod before it's ready for market - all Canonical will tell us that it hopes to see an Ubuntu phone before the end of this year. Nevertheless, now that some phone manufacturers are on board with the project, we've been able to play with a couple of prototypes: One was just a non-functioning handset from a Spanish company called BQ, showing off plain but solid build quality reflective of a mid-tier device. The other was more interesting - a re-purposed Android handset from a second Ubuntu partner, Meizu, which makes light work of the operating system and interface.

It looks a bit choppy to me, but alas, it's a development build.

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Gadget Lovers Will Install, Not Buy
by andrewclunn on Mon 3rd Mar 2014 21:23 UTC
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You can bet I'm going to run this OS when it's release ready. You can also bet that I'm going to install it on an existing Android device to play with rather than purchase something new just for it. Such is the issue with selling open source software. You HAVE to sell me on the hardware, otherwise there's nothing to sell.

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