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What's missing on all non-Microsoft platforms, as it turns out, is a formalized way to view at least two mobile apps side-by-side on screen. This is a feature that Microsoft added to Windows 8 and then improved dramatically in Windows 8.1, and while many desktop users scoff at its simplicity, it remains a key differentiator. Windows, as I've noted before, is unparalleled when it comes to productivity, even in the mobile world.

Pretty sure Google will introduce windowing support soon in Android, possibly within the next 18-24 months (Android 5.0, perhaps?). It seems inevitable. iOS, on the other hand - we'll see.

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I know that's what you do... that's what I do, too. That's why I said '99% of users'. We're the '1%' - and there is no occupy movement who wants to get in on our '1%' - I mean c'mon, in the general population, who in their right mind would do what we do. I was just stating that productivity as insinuated in the article wasn't referring to those of us hunched over our keyboards pushing our glasses up and drinking mountain dew while looking at a tiled window manager and xterms.

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Why are we drawn in such a negative light ?

I don't wear glasses, I very rarely drink mountain dew, but I do use KDE and spend most of my time with konsole open and connected to multiple servers. Who uses xterm nowadays ?

your not just the 1%, server admins, advanced computer users any one with more than 2 brain cells can get productivity improvements by using a modern Linux Distro, but use whatever your happy with. I personally feel completely locked out using Windows, its just not designed for me.

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I am comfortable on any OS with a compiler. I wasn't shedding us in a negative light, I was using stereotypes for apparently misplaced humor. Didn't mean to offend.

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