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The Mozilla Foundation has begun an investigation after tech juggernaut Dell appeared to be asking customers to pay GBP 16.25 ($27) to install its free web browser Firefox on newly purchased Dell kit.


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Fee for installation, not for the browser
by zlynx on Thu 6th Mar 2014 00:52 UTC
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Dell's build process is probably automated. So getting someone to go to a particular machine and install non-standard software is going to cost.

I don't see the big deal.

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Vanders Member since:

Dell's build process is probably automated.

Yup. It'd be pretty difficult to do it at scale in any other way.

So getting someone to go to a particular machine and install non-standard software is going to cost.

Now that doesn't make sense, does it? The build process is automated. That includes the ability to customise an install. There isn't some guy sat at a bench manually downloading & installing Firefox on every single machine. Even if there were, at £16.25 a pop that guy would have to be one of the best paid employees at Dell.

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lucas_maximus Member since:

Takes effort to update the install tool. Also the cadence of releases of firefox is fast enough that any install tool would be out of date within a few weeks.

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It takes time for someone to make sure the machine is getting the correct image, and it also takes time to create the image for that particular software load out.

Dell will also charge for setting BIOS settings outside of the default, RAID configuration, drive partitioning, setting Power Options, asset tagging, and installing Firefox as part of their "Configuration Services" options. These are customizations that deviate from the norm and slow down their production line.

Bottom line, customizations cost Dell time because of the labor needed to implement, track, and maintain the configurations. They are going to charge for their time, and they have a right to charge for it.

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