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iOS 7 is unlikely to run better on the iPhone 4 than it does in iOS 7.1. That's not to say that the experience is great - even stepping up to an iPhone 4S would get you noticeable gains in performance and overall smoothness - but it's better than it was, and it's as good as it's going to get.

If you're sticking with the iPhone 4 for another year, iOS 7.1 makes performance tolerable enough that using the phone isn't unbearable.

Good news for iPhone 4 owners - and good on Apple for taking care of this demographic.

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Thanks. I was not aware of the issues, and I appreciate your explanation. I guess I should get in the habit of checking out the linked articles before commenting from now on.

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The other issue is that Apple doesn't keep old versions of apps in the App Store for installing on old versions of iOS.

Meaning, if you want to install newer apps on your iPhone4, then you need to install the newer iOS.

If you don't upgrade iOS, then you better keep offline copies of all your apps. If you ever have to reinstall down the line, you'll be SoL when it comes to using the App Store.

So, your options are:
1. Stay with the older iOS and get good performance, but need to keep backups of all apps, or
2. Upgrade to the latest iOS which gives you access to all the latest apps, and hope you don't lose so much performance that it becomes annoying to use the device.

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The AppStore will download an older version of an app if your iOS version doesn't run the latest version of the app.

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