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QNX 6.6 has been released. There are quite a lot of changes, but - sady - I doubt many of us work with QNX itself. It's quite popular in the embedded world, and, of course forms the foundation for BB10 - which has not exactly been a stellar success. Anywho, there's a pretty big change in 6.6:

The new Screen Graphics Subsystem replaces the Photon microGUI, including PhAB, Phindows, and QNX Neutrino Advanced Graphics. Usually referred to simply as "Screen", the Screen Graphics Subsystem allows off-screen rendering and can composite graphics from different rendering technologies, including HTML5, Elektrobit GUIDE, Crank Storyboard, Qt, and native (e.g., OpenGL ES) code.

Photon has been such a core part of QNX' identity for me that it's kind of weird to see it go.

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In fact, Apple's new CarPlay system runs on QNX. So, QNX is doing some pretty exciting things.

No: CarPlay runs on the iDevice iOS 7.

With CarPlay, the iDevice streams its interface to the embedded system which is then able to stream back the user input (touch, button, press on resistive display) using Apple CarPlay protocol (embedded into a H.264 stream apparently).

Currently, the embedded system presented by Apple and Ferrari/Volvo/Mercedes does run on QNX indeed, but saying that CarPlay runs on QNX is like saying the AppleTV runs on the TV "OS".

I guess Apple may have implemented some libraries or some runtime running on the embedded QNX system to help car manufacturers and because Apple want to control everything, but the piece of code which is running here is only able to display a H.264 stream and send inputs to the connected iDevice.

But I know it is quite pleasant to some people here to consider that Apple use Blackberry's kernel OS for a major feature.

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It's not pleasant, it is a fact ...

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Well, no. It's a streaming client with feedback. There's nothing that specifically ties that to Apple CarPlay nor is Apple CarPlay specifically tied to QNX, other than on a protocol implementation level. It's just a protocol though, and the QNX player is just a "dumb" terminal. I suspect that QNX was the initial target *because* it is almost the most common in Car OS, not for any specific technical reason.

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