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Mozilla & Gecko clones

In late 2012, when I started up the Firefox for Metro team (I know that's not what Microsoft calls it anymore, but it remains how we talk about it in Mozilla), it looked like the next battleground for the Web. Windows is a massive ecosystem and Microsoft pushes its new platforms hard. At first, it looked like we would be locked out completely. We eventually broke open Metro (though never the RT line of ARM-based products) and we got to work.

In the months since, as the team built and tested and refined the product, we've been watching Metro's adoption. From what we can see, it's pretty flat. On any given day we have, for instance, millions of people testing pre-release versions of Firefox desktop, but we've never seen more than 1000 active daily users in the Metro environment.

Makes sense.

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RE: Comment by Nelson
by ddc_ on Sat 15th Mar 2014 00:01 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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I think another big issue was how it was delivered, it wasn't on the Windows Store (which sees 4M transactions a day) but behind some obscure link.

It couldn't enter Windows Store, because it wasn't release yet. And even after it would, it wouldn't be presented as metro application due to Microsoft's policy on metro web browsers.

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RE[2]: Comment by Nelson
by Nelson on Sat 15th Mar 2014 00:08 in reply to "RE: Comment by Nelson"
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Yeah, the install flow for Metro styled browsers is such an afterthought. Terrible.

Hopefully it improves with future releases of Windows.

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RE[3]: Comment by Nelson
by robmv on Sat 15th Mar 2014 01:51 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Nelson"
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It isn't an afterthought, It was specially designed that way to make difficult to use another browser that is not IE and not break antitrust agreements. Microsoft doesn't have the luck the Apple have to force everyone to use only their browser engine

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