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Apple is adding a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C to its smartphone lineup. The new model first appeared on UK carrier O2's site, but has since been added to a number of international Apple Stores including the UK, Australia, and China. In the UK, it's priced at £429, £40 ($66 including sales tax) less than the 16GB model. Should Apple choose to bring the new budget model to the US, the price seems likely to fall somewhere around $499.

An 8GB smartphone for $500. You can buy six Lumia 520s for that - almost one for every day of the week. You have to be utterly void of common sense to buy this phone. Then again, that seems to be the general attitude towards the 5C anyway.

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I owned a 4S prior to it, and would have possibly bought a new one, but they knocked half the memory out of it.

I refuse to buy ANYTHING that uses biometrics... MoTB and all whatnot, so my only option was the 5C. I liked the slimness of it, I liked the color (blue; wish they had grey, but oh, well...), and... ok, the ridiculous swiss cheese protective "cases" were definitately not to my liking, but I found another one (also blue) that works perfectly.

I've accidentally dropped my 5C no less than 3 times (3-4 ft. off the ground) and it hasn't suffered a cracked case yet... thsnkfully.

My thought is... they're knocking off half the RAM of a 5C, because they're phasing out the 4S completely. So, you will have two choices... the 5S (16GB+) and the 5C (8-16Gb). Not surprising.

This may also portend to the soon arrival of the iPhone 6?!?

As long as I can buy an iPhone that doesn't have biometric entry, I'll continue to own/buy them. The day I can't, will be the day I go back to a TracFone or something similar.

Siri got my voice (even though she can be extremely "blond", when it comes to some inquiries). Facetime (if I used it) would get my face. Apple ain't gettin' my fingerprints!

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Two things:
1. They reduced the solid state storage space, not the RAM.
2. Apple doesn't have your fingerprint.

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